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  • Is the Pitts Model 12 available in Kit form?
    Yes. See the Kits and Components page for detailed information on the kits offered for the Pitts Model 12.
  • Are plans available for the Pitts Model 12?
    Yes. Plans are for sale and show the original version on the Pitts Model 12. Drawings for the HP version of the Model 12 are not for sale.
  • Is the Pitts Model 12 available as a factory built airplane?
    Yes. 92nd West Aviation manufactures all the kit parts for the model 12 and builds complete fly away model 12 aircraft to customer specifications. These aircraft are licensed in Experimental Exhibition Category.
  • Is a builder assist program available?
    Yes we are offering a builder assist program tailored to meet individual needs.
  • Why is the Model 12 considered to be a Pitts?
    Curtis Pitts designed the Pitts Model 12. It is his 12th design which was completed when he was 80 years young.
  • Does 92nd West Aviation own any other designs created by Curtis Pitts?
    No. Other designs are held by several companies. For example, Aviat Aircraft owns the S1 series and S2 series designs as well as the trademark for Pitts. 92nd West Aviation holds the rights to the Pitts Model 12 only.
  • What are some of the other support resources available?
    Visit for a ton of info compiled by Darin Bishop as he builds his Pitts Model 12. "Lots of valuable construction, flying, and maintenance information can be found at" Also, join the Pitts Model 12 Google Group and take part in exchanges with Pitts Model 12 builders all over the world.
  • Are any other engine types recommended for the Pitts Model 12?
    No. The Pitts Model 12 was specifically designed for the M14P/PF engine and performs best in this configuration. Other engines have been installed with varied success. However, the M14P/PF remains the best choice for power.
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