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Model 12 Technical Documents

These Technical documents are available for download as PDF files.
Some builders download and print these files and then place them in a folder for easy reference.

Pitts Model 12 Pilot and Maintenance Handbook

This handbook was created by a Model 12 owner and is an example of what can be used as documentation for Pitts Model 12 aircraft . Basic operation of the aircraft and it's systems are covered along with general maintenance information. 92nd West Aviation is not responsible for errors or omissions in this document. Use at your own risk.

Stock Model 12 Weight and Balance Diagram

Use this diagram for plans style fuselage.

H.P. Model 12 Weight and Balance Diagram

Use this diagram for Pitts Model 12 equipped with HP fuselage.

Pitts Model 12 Basic Electrical Schematic

A basic circuit layout for the Pitts Model 12 electrical system as needed for Airstart equipped aircraft.

Pitts Model 12 Basic Fuel Schematic

A sample layout of the Pitts Model 12 Fuel System. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING CHANGES: Gascolator is now Andair 375F Boost Pump is 480543E Flop tubes are AC Spruce 05-20513, 13" long Follow component data for installation instructions.

Pitts Model 12 Oil System Schematic

HP FWF kit oil system layout.

Stock Model 12 Rigging instructions

Use these instructions when rigging Pitts Model 12 plans style wings.

H.P. Model 12 Wing Rigging Instructions

Use these instructions to properly rig Pitts Model 12 HP Style wings and controls.

Plywood Leading Edge installation

Procedure for fitting and installing HP molded ply wing leading edges.

Pitts Model 12 Aileron and Cove Rigging

How to fit and install the coves and ailerons.

Pitts Model 12 Main Gear installation

Procedure for fitting main gear spring to fuselage.

Pitts Model 12 Gear Leg Fairing Installation

Photo illustration of mounting the gear fairing rubber to the main gear spring.

Pitts Model 12 Wheel Pant Installation

Shows fitting and mounting of Pitts Model 12 main wheel pants.

Pitts Model 12 Tailwheel Installation

Procedure for installing the Pitts Model 12 stinger style tailwheel and steering components.

Pitts Model 12 Cowl Installation

Step by step procedure for fitting the fiberglass cowl to the fuselage and engine.

Pitts Model 12 Canopy Installation

Use these instructions for the Canopy Installation.

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